Twentieth Century Society on Havant

Back in April the local branch of The Twentieth Century Society organised a walk round Havant, when HCS were represented by committee member Christopher Evans. A report of the walk has recently been published on the Twentieth Century Society’s own website. To read and learn more about some of our local buildings, click on the link below.

Twentieth Century Society visits Havant

Historic England – Map search for listed buildings

Historic England have an online interactive map which provides a quick way into the nation’s archive of historic buildings:

  1. Open this link, which takes you to Historic England’s interactive map:
  2. Type ‘Havant’, or your postcode,  into the box at the top left and click on the blue symbol
  3. Click on Havant, Havant, Hampshire
  4. On the map displayed, the listed buildings are represented by blue triangles.  Zoom the map in and out as required, using the + and – symbols or the scroll wheel on your mouse, then click on the triangle you want to look at.
  5. On the little box that pops up, click on “View List Entry” to see details of the listing.

Once you’ve done that, why stop at Havant?  Zoom out, drag the map around and zoom in on your other favourite places.  It’s this use of ‘Big Data’, along with sites like those shown on our ‘Local Travel‘ page, which make the internet worth having.

Colt – ‘We’re backing Britain’, fifty years on

It’s a sad day for those of us who remember New Lane in the heady days of the late sixties.

In 1968, my first real ‘summer holiday’ employer, Kenwood Manufacturing, was supporting Colt in their famous staff initiative.  Boxes of Kenwood Chefs, Kenwood Mini foodmixers and the first ill-fated Kenwood Dishwashers left the plant with ‘I’m Backing Britain’ stickers lovingly applied.

Fred Price had been the mastermind behind Colt’s ‘I’m Backing Britain’ message, and with Kenwood’s staff quickly joining the movement it wasn’t long before New Lane and its predominantly West Leigh workforce were the focus of national news bulletins.  Lying between Kenwood in the south and Colt in the north were Goodman’s Industries, a once respected name in the British HiFi market.


Fifty years on, none of these companies manufacture in New Lane.  The Goodmans site was razed to the ground some years ago, Kenwoods has long been a warehouse operation for imported Chinese manufacturing while Colt moved their administrative offices up the road to Petersfield and their manufacturing ‘offshore’.

Love it or hate it, the Colt office building at the north end of New Lane was an iconic sixties structure.  Until today, that is.  The photograph below was taken this morning while the New Lane frontage was still there. By this evening, the machinery had moved large chunks of the frontage out, waiting for the concrete crushers that will be running for many weeks to come.


In its place, another development plan that will continue to have its fair share of public debate.  In years to come, some of us may begin to wonder why we didn’t campaign to get this building listed.

It’s a kind of Tricorn / Marmite thing.

(In fairness, this is a personal view and not necessarily the view of the Havant Civic Society)