How to find and comment on a planning application

Commenting on a planning application is a relatively simple process. If you've ever written a product review online, then you can certainly do this! We've shown a simple six step process here for first Finding, and then Commenting on a planning application. Normally, if we give you a link to comment on a planning application … Continue reading How to find and comment on a planning application

Levelling-up funding – Disappointment for Havant

Southampton and Farnborough win £20 Million each, but once again, there's nothing for Havant. Despite our rather tongue in cheek 'new year' post, we did hold out a slim hope that HBC would be more successful second time around. Click to view - Levelling Up fund bid results - January 18 2023 Sadly, the result … Continue reading Levelling-up funding – Disappointment for Havant

Southern Water’s ‘water recycling’ proposal

Update - 23 January '23 If you missed the segments on today's BBC Radio Solent morning programme covering the Southern Water Water Recycling Proposal, you can find them, edited together, at this post. If you're keeping your eye on the local press at the moment, you will probably have seen news stories referring to Southern … Continue reading Southern Water’s ‘water recycling’ proposal

Amazon – Lighting up the night sky over Havant

Residents from Nutwick Road and further afield have been raising complaints about the intensity of the lighting at the Amazon Delivery Station at 32 New Lane. The lighting, predominantly from the four storey van parking building, has been running round the clock, seven days a week since the start of the year. When the lighting … Continue reading Amazon – Lighting up the night sky over Havant

The news that comes as no surprise at all

After two long years and two contentious planning applications, Havant Borough Council's 'dirty little secret' is finally out in the open. The new Amazon delivery centre servicing Portsmouth and all point west to Southampton, north to Guildford and east to Bognor really is in New Lane. It would have been nice if Havant Borough Council … Continue reading The news that comes as no surprise at all

Happy New Year! Havant’s going back to the future in 2023

If you were keeping an eye on the News over the festive period, you might have spotted this photograph of Havant from October 1989. With a freshly demolished area where the Meridian Centre currently sits and a surface car park on the Bulbeck Road site, it presents a useful vision of how the town might … Continue reading Happy New Year! Havant’s going back to the future in 2023

The White Hart is (partly) for sale again

We were intrigued to see that the White Hart went up for sale on Boxing Day, or at least part of it did, rather confusingly described as a house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Click the image below for details. The properties for sale would appear to be the five single bedroom flats built … Continue reading The White Hart is (partly) for sale again

Christmas Shopping in Havant

(Contributed by a non-driving Portsmouth resident who now regularly shops in Havant by choice, thanks to the excellent rail and bus links.) What makes Havant different?  Well, Havant never had any large department stores – those once-glittering shopping palaces (especially at Christmas time) are now standing sad and empty in larger nearby shopping areas such … Continue reading Christmas Shopping in Havant

Regeneration ‘Take 3’ – Where’s the plan?

It's good to see the cranes over Havant Town Centre. However, these are not signs of HBC's long-awaited Regeneration programme firing up, but the results of hard graft and funding by private developers following lengthy process delays in planning. The bigger crane to the left rises above the Prince George Street development site while the … Continue reading Regeneration ‘Take 3’ – Where’s the plan?

Amazon – WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

As predicted in our report from 9 August. Jo Kent, BBC South Today, Friday 18 November You might share Jo Kent's alarmed expression from BBC South Today (Friday 18 November 2022) when you watch the three-minute clip below and remember that the Havant distribution hub is almost 40% bigger than this one just opened at … Continue reading Amazon – WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get