Welcome to the Havant Civic Society

September 2018

AGM 2018 poster webThe 2018 Havant Civic Society Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday September 26th at 7:30pm in St Faith’s Church.  Click on the poster image on this page to read an account of the meeting in which you will find links to material referenced during the meeting.

During the meeting, Society members present agreed to the realignment of the existing committee members to bring the Society back into line with our constitution. Bob Comlay has now taken on the role of Chairman, with Peter Hammond in the role of Vice-Chairman.  For full details, take the appropriate links under ‘About us’ in the site menu.

Among the issues currently under scrutiny are the planning application for 39 West Street, the subject of our August home page, new housing developments proposed for the northern boundary of St Faiths on Barton’s Road and the development of the Forty Acre fields at Bedhampton. While some of these might appear to be outside of our more traditional ‘town centre’ remit, the significant increase in the residential population proposed presents a significant opportunity for Havant Town centre.  With Havant now poised to provide the central hub for these new residential communities, we are looking to Havant Borough Council to rise to the challenge and invest in the quality and appearance of the town centre.

After ten long years, derelict brownfield sites like 44-54 West street can no longer be tolerated.D7C_6914


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