HCS Constitution

The Havant Civic Society Constitution is shown below.   For a printable PDF version, please take this link.

1  Name

The Name of the group shall be Havant Civic Society (hereinafter called ‘the Society’) and it shall be deemed to be an unincorporated association inclusive, non-party political and open to membership to individuals who share its aims.

2  Area of Benefit

The area comprising Havant Town and other areas or specific buildings within the Borough of Havant selected by the Society’s Executive Committee.

3  Objects

The Society is established to further the following activities in the area(s) of benefit:

  • to stimulate and foster greater public awareness and knowledge of those factors influencing the general environment of the area of benefit;
  • to secure a general improvement of the social and cultural life of the community in the area of benefit;
  • to preserve, protect and improve the features of historic or public interest, and the built and natural environment in the area of benefit;
  • to promote high standards of planning and architecture in the area of benefit.

4  Powers

For these objects and not otherwise the Society can:

  • promote research and publish matters related to the Society objects;
  • co-operate with local authorities, voluntary organisations and persons with similar aims;
  • hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions;
  • raise funds by contribution, subscription, donation legacy or otherwise;
  • open bank accounts in the name of the Society;
  • do all such other things as may be necessary for the attainment of any of the aims of the Society.

5  Membership

Types of Membership

  • Individual
  • Household
  • Affiliated organisation
  • Honorary: as approved individually by the Society, at a General Meeting;

6  Members’ power to vote

Available to all members whose subscriptions are valid at the time of voting may vote at an Annual or General Meeting.

7  Subscriptions

These are payable on 1st July in every year, except for new members joining between 1st March and the next 1st July, who may pay a year’s subscription to include that initial period in addition to the following year.   Rates will be as determined periodically by the Executive Committee.

8  Management

The Society shall be managed by the Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and four members who shall  be nominated and elected by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting of the Society to serve for 12 months. Other members may be co-opted for their specialised knowledge by the Executive Committee.

9  Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet not less than once in every two months. Records of business transacted at any meeting of the Executive shall be kept in files provided for that purpose.  Meetings are open to ordinary members at the discretion of the Chairman.

The Secretary shall send to each member of the Executive Committee notice of each meeting not less than seven days prior to such meeting. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be not less than one third of the voting members. Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of those present.

10  Accounts and Finances

The financial year shall commence on 1st July and end on 30th June in each year. The Executive Committee shall make satisfactory arrangements for the keeping of proper books of account.

All moneys received shall, in the first instance, be deposited in the authorised accounts of the Society at financial institutions approved by the Executive Committee.  No member shall have a direct financial interest in any activity of the Society.

11  General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held once a year for the purpose of electing officers and committee members, receiving reports and approving the accounts.  All paid up members of the Society will be invited in writing at least 7 days before the date of the AGM.  The AGM is the only meeting that can change this constitution and such changes will require the assent of two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.   Any proposed change must be sent out with the written notice of the meeting.  The quorum at an AGM will be 10 members or 25% of the paid up membership, whichever is the smaller.

The Executive Committee may call other General Meetings at any time it seems fit for the purpose of holding lecturers or consulting with its members.

12  Dissolution

In the event of the Society being dissolved, any remaining funds will be donated to Havant Arts and Heritage Centre, ‘The Spring’,  with the proviso that they be spent on heritage related activities.