Bargate Homes win Lower Road planning appeal

Members may recall our earlier reports on the saga of the Bargate Homes planning applications for Lower Road, Bedhampton. Our previous report on the HBC meetings which rejected the two previous applications by this developer can be found at this link.

If you can’t recall the two original applications, these plans might help.

Bargate Homes placed an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.

The appeal was heard in February 2021, and the closing statements can be viewed here:

Bedhampton Heritage Alliance
Havant Borough Council
Bargate Homes

The result of this appeal was a blow for the team from the Bedhampton Heritage Alliance who have worked tirelessly on this for some years. A sad result, but one depressingly predictable in this current UK Government climate.

Havant Borough Council are to be commended for taking a stand on this application, for listening to and taking note of the views of the residents in the earlier planning debates. This will not be the last time that we will need the council to stand with the residents against over zealous developers and we all need to keep alert.

The detailed decision by the inspector can be viewed at this link.