Bartons Road new development – In the News

Havant’s hard working local news reporter was on site in the Council chamber last night.

Tamara Siddiqui has written an article in today’s Portsmouth News  on last night’s Development Consultation Forum for the Bartons Road ‘west of the crematorium‘ housing development.

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39 West Street – In the News

Tamara Siddiqui has written an article in today’s Portsmouth News  on the current planning application for 39 West Street. The plan proposing a pizza takeaway for the former HSBC bank site is also covered in detail on the home page of this site.

Click on the underlined links to read the articles.  As always, we would value your comments.

39 West Street – Shouldn’t HBC practice what they preach?

One of today’s responses to the HSBC / Pizza takeaway planning application had me running for the search engines to find the source, and here it is.   Dating from as recently as November 2017, the HBC ‘Healthy Borough Assessment’ is well worth a read.

The whole of Section 3 – Planning and Health – is germane to the debate about fast food in the town centre while the paragraph (3.19) quoted by this clearly well-informed resident sums up the Council’s thinking on fast food in the town centre.

“Havant scores significantly worse than the England average against the excess weight in adults indicator (2012-2014). Figure 1 below also shows parts of Havant to have a high number of fast food outlets compared to other areas. Together, these statistics point to a justification for a policy restricting fast food outlets in Havant Town Centre.”

To provide a balanced view, I’ve completed the quote here with the remainder of the paragraph:

“However it is also true that hot food takeaways (A5) are not the only source of unhealthy food in town centres. A number of shops (A1) can also provide unhealthy take-away food choices as well. Furthermore, such a restriction would do nothing to address the health of the existing take-away choices on offer. Such an approach would benefit from an update to the Use Classes Order in order to specifically identify uses which could provide unhealthy choices.


It’s encouraging to see that the Council is clearly considering the health and welfare of its residents as they plan for our future.  It’s no wonder then, that the Local Plan 2036 clearly proposes moving fast food out of the town centre in favour of “other uses which promote activity and have not traditionally been part of a town centre offer such as gyms or healthcare…”

With this in mind, the current application for 39 West Street should surely be turned down flat? The detail of opening hours becomes simply an irrelevant diversion.

(In fairness, this is a personal view and not necessarily the view of the Havant Civic Society)


Havant Park – in the News

Following on from our earlier piece, the parlous state of the children’s recreation area in Havant Park is covered in the Portsmouth News today. Take this link to read the article.

For the latest response from Havant Borough Council, take a look at the online petition which can be found here.

Havant Park – Children’s play area

The Civic Society is concerned about the length of time it is taking to sort out the issues caused by tree roots in the play area in Havant Park.  It is now likely that the play area will now have to be relocated.D7C_7543

Part of the play area is now closed off and will not be available for the school holidays.  There is no information available from the council giving an update on likely completion date for the works or advising the location of alternative play facilities.

We have been in touch with local ward Councillors and await further information.

HCS response to recent News coverage

Reading the recent series of town centre articles in the local newspaper was very interesting, but in our opinion, The News had reported preconceived views of ‘no hope’ for Town Centre High Streets. That is unfortunate because there are successful shops and town centres.

In Havant, for instance, Astares menswear in East Street, and Button Up Baby in North Street, both independent retailers that seem to be trading successfully, yet they were not interviewed to see why they do well.  The fact that Mousetrap have relocated from Chichester to Havant also seems to have been ignored.

What was also missing was a response from the local authority. When councils develop well-informed strategic plans for town centres, taking into account economic, environmental and social trends, creating an holistic approach to develop a sustainable town centres for the future, positive results can be achieved.

In Havant’s case, where are the visionaries, either in the executive or elected side of the council, to push this approach forward?

In our opinion, Local Plans are not enough. Town Centres must be prioritised in the same way as Housing, and have on-going policy interventions to stimulate multifaceted developments and action.

A town’s identity is usually based around its town centre. It gives residents their sense of place, their sense of community and hopefully, their sense of pride. It is vital that we all work to achieve a thriving, modern style town centre that will be sustainable and successful.

East Street – ‘There is not enough here’

Our East Street traders are featured once again in tonight’s Portsmouth News.

“More businesses on East Street would be brilliant, because at the moment , there is not enough  to walk down here for – and often when people come in they say they didn’t even know we were here in the first place.”

For some curious reason, while we can find the article on Google, we can’t actually link to it so here it is, as printed.



Updates on East Street and West Street

There are three planning applications listed here, including the long derelict shop units in West Street beside the Post Office:
 44-54 West St* –  APP/10/00992
* This is the latest full application though there have been some minor revisions which were granted early this year and some discharge of conditions back in December 2013.
and plans for the old Streets building, and the adjacent premises in East Street.
11 East St – APP/17/00694
9 East St – APP/17/00695