Havant Borough Council – Quote of the day

“Noted [14 times], however reasons why the work may be proposed is not a consideration which can be taken into account when dealing with a Section 211 notice.”

Yes indeed, Portsmouth Water are now free to employ out of town tree surgeons to clear branches and fell trees in what looks suspiciously like a pre-emptive clearance for a development project that still hasn’t been brought before planning.

They might at least have agreed to employ some of the many decent, hard working tree surgeons who live in and around the town.

Yet another delegated decision by Havant Borough Council despite the genuine concerns raised by owners of the neighbouring properties, staff at the Bosmere Medical Centre and other Havant residents.

If you wrote to object, you’ll find the council’s rather dismissive response to your concern in this document.

And we thought that a Section 211 notice applied to the preservation of trees. Silly us.