The strange case of the disappearing Cabinet Meeting

Several people have been in touch today to say that they couldn’t find the papers from last week’s Cabinet Meeting. In fact, the Cabinet meeting of Wednesday 8 September had completely disappeared from the HBC Meetings Calendar.

We took a look and couldn’t find it either. It appears that the entry disappeared from the Council Calendar at some point a day or two after the meeting on the evening of Wednesday, 8 September.

All rather curious…

Unless we’d been hallucinating, it definitely did take place since our man, along with other fine, up-standing members of the public, had been invited by the Council Leader to ask some important questions in person.

Here they are, listen for yourselves. Four interesting questions on four topics:

  1. Anne Sayer – Havant Climate Alliance – tabling a question on the ‘Climate Change Strategy’ paper
  2. A lady who I’m afraid we can’t yet identify – the detail being still missing from the HBC website. – tabling a question on ‘Controlling Access to HBC Land’
  3. Anne Skennerton – HRA – tabling a question on the ‘Hayling Seafront Strategy’ paper
  4. Bob Comlay – HCS – tabling a question on the ‘Havant Town Regeneration Update’ paper.

Since the calendar entry for the meeting seemed to have disappeared, it was no longer possible to find the papers for the agenda item to which the second lady referred, but we can help you out by providing some of the documentation relating to the other three main items.

Stop Press – 15:00 Monday – The calendar entry has magically been restored, but there’s no trace of the questions which were asked by the public. Just in case it disappears again, we’ll leave these links in place.

Once you’ve read the papers you’re interested in, sit back and listen to the Cabinet discussion and debate.

First up is the Climate Change Strategy, press the red ‘play’ button on the video below.
To start at the discussion of ‘Controlling Access to HBC Land’ move on to 22:00 or click this link.
To start at the discussion of the Hayling Seafront Strategy, move on to 45:00 or click this link.
To start at the discussion of the Havant Town Regeneration Update, move on to 1:01:00 or click this link.

So, were the public questions answered?

We’ll leave you to make your own mind up.