The 32 New Lane ‘intended occupier’? The News believes it to be Amazon

A typically tabloid headline which, if true, will be pounced on by Havant Borough Council for their next press release. The real number appears towards the end of the article.

If we are to believe the content of the planning application, there will be just over 70 permanent jobs, at least some of which we know to be staff relocated from other sites. That’s a tiny fraction of the number of quality jobs that this site could support if properly regenerated to a higher standard without adding to the town’s already significant traffic congestion issues.

For further detail on the expected quality of the agency jobs coming our way, click the image below.

To be honest, if it is really is Amazon, we’d be surprised, since they’re normally a lot more switched on with regard to highway access when locating their main sites. This could well be an unfortunate commercial decision for them.

At the end of the day, it’s the drivers and the warehouse agency workers who will actually suffer from the location choice. Brockhampton West, now sold by the council to fund regeneration, was a prime site.

We’re not making this up! Enjoy the traffic for the next year, it’s going to get a lot more exciting. Especially when the Council make Park Road South ‘pedestrian and cycle priority‘!