New planning application on the way for Campdown

A PUBLIC consultation has been launched for a housing development in Campdown, Purbrook. Residents will be able to have their say on 653 ‘high quality’ homes until July 25 when the consultation session ends.

To set the context, the site lies to the west of the A3(M), south of the Havant and South Downs College site on College Road, north of Crookhorn Golf Club. The proposals are separate from a previous planning application submitted by Persimmon Homes in 2019 for 780 dwellings on the same site.

The overview plan from Dandara is outlined in the yellow rectangle and detailed below:

Dandara, the prospective developers, say the estate site will provide a community centre, play space, trim trails and affordable housing.

Alex Laney, who is part of the development team at Dandara, said: “We are delighted to be bringing forward these new plans that will provide much needed market and affordable housing in Havant Borough. ‘We want to hear the community’s feedback on our proposals, which we will consider as we finalise our plans and submit a full planning application. We are excited about the inclusion of a new community centre and we are encouraging existing residents to let us know what they think could be included in this new facility to ensure it benefits the local community.

A webinar was held on July 18 at 6pm, “to give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts on the proposal”. In reality, the event was held in a ‘locked down’ implementation of Zoom for which direct interaction was not possible. Questions had to be posed in the chat session with the developer choosing which ones to respond to. moderator selectively responding. We understand that the content of the chat session itself was not visible to the viewers so the ‘opportunity for residents to share their thoughts’ was something of a sham.

You can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking the arrow in the following image. The link for your comments is immediately below this video.

To provide your initial comments on the proposal, you can visit the developer’s webpage here. Comments must be received by Monday 25th July.

Dandara is currently in discussions with Havant Borough Council to consider appropriate mitigation measures for existing wildlife.