Amazon – Lighting up the night sky over Havant

Residents from Nutwick Road and further afield have been raising complaints about the intensity of the lighting at the Amazon Delivery Station at 32 New Lane. The lighting, predominantly from the four storey van parking building, has been running round the clock, seven days a week since the start of the year. When the lighting was switched on at the roof level, the level of complaints increased noticeably.

In response to several of the complaints, St. Faith’s Councillor and Havant Borough Council’s ‘man on point’ within Kingsbridge Estates, visited the site and gave the following statement:

“The lighting should not be on 24/7, and the contractors are resolving that issue. The outside and car park lights are all movement sensitive, and should only come on when movement occurs, reducing to 10% power when no activity is occurring. As the vast majority of vehicle movements will be during working hours, this should mean low levels of lighting at night (particularly when viewing from Denvilles).

As we are in final days before the site is handed over to the end user, TSL are working to resolve lots of snagging issues, and I said that I would monitor the lighting problem and provide further feedback to them. Just so you know, the end user have decided not to undertake a launch until they take occupation of the building, so despite what was said in The Times, the Council won’t be sharing information about them until they notify us that they’ve taken occupation of the site.”

Cllr. Pike’s statement “The lighting should not be on 24/7, and the contractors are resolving that issue” is perhaps a little misleading. Unpicking those words and looking a little closer, it would seem that the “lots of snagging issues” Cllr. Pike quotes are taking rather a lot of round-the-clock, seven day working to resolve.

It seems that restrictions placed on working hours by the HSBC planning approval related only to noise pollution. Light pollution, or so it seems, is not considered to be an issue.