Minutes of Committee Meeting 23rd January 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting 23rd January 2013

Present: Tim Dawes, Carole Nash, Bill Woods, Ina Allum, Beryl Francis, Michael Blanch, David Smith

Apologies were received from Annette Harley, Ray Cantwell, Jim Davis

1 Planning Applications BF had noted the rejection by Hampshire County Council of funding for replacement of the railway footbridge. CN was keen to write to HCC expressing our concerns and dissatisfaction (agreed). Application has been made for development in South Street behind Price’s garage – this is reasonable. Havant Fruit & Flowers has relocated inside the Meridian Centre, but proceedings at Davies’ Chemist need careful monitoring.

2 Report on Meeting with HBC planners and others at The Plaza 24th January 2013


Funding & viability
Progress with allocations plan
Any other business

Attendees:Bill Woods, Jeff Crate, Sally Brook, Jaime Bridges, Lucy Howard., Tim Dawes, Ina Allum, David T. Smith

1) Introduction to Civic Society (Bill)
– Ref to draft plans and limitation of the “conceptual consultation” etc.
– Realised need for forum
– Read aims

2) Question to Lucy re: consult on planning application
Nominated individual emailed a weekly list of new planning applications.
ACTION: Find individual.

3) Havant & Bedhampton Network (Jaime)
Split in two: Havant, Bedhampton.

4) Tim – invite to DCF and relevant planning forums; Email a link.
– looking to inspire confidence and to create a more direct relationship between Havant Borough Council and Havant Civic Society.
– Like early discussions with stakeholders offer opportunity to be involved in that.
– Already DRP Havant Housing Association re: Homewell.

5) Lucy “When relevant matters arise; as per Emsworth Housing or Hayling” AGREED.
Jaime – Some overlap of Havant Network and Havant Civic Society. Potential.
Lucy – 2 ways to participate: i) Registered Liaison; ii) Communication Network.
20th March – Chairs of Residents Association, Havant Network.

6) Response: (Lucy)
– War Memorial (not covered by allocation plan)
– Shared surface very controversial
– Loss of community facility. Set up steering group to look at community uses, look at all community groups.
Tim – Preservation of hall and large space. Who will manage them? Transfer assets to community basis.
Jeff – Older community aging = increased demand for community facilities.
Tim (cont.) – If transferred to community trust, reasonable chance of attracting money.

Lucy – Many problems (financial) for church and hall. Was unaware that hall had been funded by public subscription.

7) Response to Creative Quarter plans, etc.: (Lucy)
i) Market Square ii) Live/Work Unit

TIM INVITED TO TALK – Discussion over live/work units.
Lucy – demand is for high-speed internet and a spare room rather than bespoke unit.

8) Housing (Bill)
Gave examples of good and positive developments. Spoke on the number of Housing Association. Increasing in Wessex, decreasing in East Street allocation.

9) Next Steps for Allocation Plan (Lucy)
– Publish draft allocation plan, comments, log, send response, pre-submission (late spring), what we will submit for future independent verification, check whether it is “sound” first (6 weeks).
– Comments not analysed, but submitted with plans to independent inspector. PINS (BRISTOL).
– Public examination (September 2013)
– Inspector Report sound/not sound, plus recommendations
– Adopt final plan end 2013/early 2014.

10) Water Museum – Bill spoke at Lucy’s request.
Positive comments. Suggestion that Portsmouth and Southern Water would be good partners

11) Heritage Lottery Fund (Lucy)  – Suggestion to apply
– Share heritage. £3,000-£10,000 then secondary funds.
– Apply for 2013 (February).

12) Update on Retail Vacancy figures
Havant = 8.95% National average = 14.70%

3 Newsletter
CN wanted to consider the costs (human and financial) versus benefits of another newsletter only 6 weeks after the last one. TD said the financial cost is small. It was agreed that design and layout under urgent time pressure put a heavy burden on AH. Bi-monthly issues are frequent enough and should be timed to advertise our next public meeting. The public meeting intended for February would be best deferred until 18th March, 7pm in St Faith’s church hall. PA equipment will be needed. Material for the newsletter will include details of this meeting (TD to arrange a speaker) a contribution from John Pile (TD will approach him) and an update on the listed telephone box (CN will contact John Townsend) and photograph of Homewell House (IA will provide one).

4 Further ways of publicising our society
Publications considered were PO9 free newspaper – IA believes there is an office in East Street, the Diary section of Portsmouth News – only a few days notice needed and Serving You HBC magazine.

5 Theme for Heritage lottery fund grant
This had appeared promising, but analysis revealed that the multiple constraints made it difficult to identify a project without considerably more thought; this would be best deferred.

6 Fixed day and time for committee meetings
The combined commitments of those present were noted – CN will contact others.

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