Minutes of Committee Meeting 12 noon 18th December 2012

Minutes of Committee Meeting 12 noon 18th December 2012

Present Tim Dawes, Carole Nash, Jim Davis, David Smith, Bill Woods

Apologies were received from Annette Harley, Beryl Francis, Michael Blanch (Jim Davis for early departure)

1 Statement of our purpose
After several suggestions and revisions the following was agreed:
Havant Civic Society aims to conserve and cherish the important features of Havant’s distinctive heritage. We seek to encourage quality design in new developments which will enhance the town. We wish it to be a thriving borough centre with a sound cultural and economic base – a town that residents are proud of and that people want to visit.

2 Meeting with David Willetts MP
It was unanimously agreed that this was successful. JD was pleased that DW had clearly understood the planning gap between broad strategy and highly specific site detail. TD commented that he (DW) had thought the meeting useful. DS felt he spoke as a potential ally. CN thought he reacted well to civic pride in our town.

3 Roles and responsibilities
We need to agree these and report to the next general meeting:

  • Bill Woods – (chairman) will coordinate, garner and refine best ideas from meetings
  • Tim Dawes – will undertake corporate liaison and project work, also organise meetings
  • Jim Davis – will deal with leaflet distribution
  • Annette Harley – will be asked to continue her work producing newsletters and posters
  • Beryl Francis – will be asked to monitor HBC’s planning applications and alert us to those needing action on our part
  • Ina Allum – will be asked if she would contribute to publicity
  • David Smith – (vice chairman) will support the chairman and continue running the website
  • Ray Cantwell – Treasurer
  • Carole Nash – (secretary) will support the chairman and continue dealing with correspondence, including bulk emails and reports. Church matters will be handled jointly by BW and DS

4 Actions

  • Each committee member should have a copy of members list and officer roles (currently there is little distinction between contacts and paid–up members)
  • BW will contact Lucy Howard of HBC with the intention of arranging an informal meeting with himself, DS and CN similar to that with Jackie Branson.
  • DS will update the website including a method of payment (treasurer’s address), investigate PayPal possibilities and seek informal contact with Peter Jones of St Faith’s church
  • TD will prepare a standard introductory letter for corporate purposes and polish his presentation for inclusion on the website. He will investigate further contact with Havant Housing Association. He will also identify a speaker for the next general meeting 18th February in URC hall.
  • The next newsletter should advertise this meeting and include a short piece by John Pile.
  • The next committee meeting will be 22nd January 2013 at 5 Grove Road, members will be asked their preferred time.
  • TD will draft and circulate comments on HBC’s housing allocation to be ready for 5th January 2013

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