Historic England – Map search for listed buildings

Historic England have an online interactive map which provides a quick way into the nation’s archive of historic buildings:

  1. Open this link, which takes you to Historic England’s interactive map:
  2. Type ‘Havant’, or your postcode,  into the box at the top left and click on the blue symbol
  3. Click on Havant, Havant, Hampshire
  4. On the map displayed, the listed buildings are represented by blue triangles.  Zoom the map in and out as required, using the + and – symbols or the scroll wheel on your mouse, then click on the triangle you want to look at.
  5. On the little box that pops up, click on “View List Entry” to see details of the listing.

Once you’ve done that, why stop at Havant?  Zoom out, drag the map around and zoom in on your other favourite places.  It’s this use of ‘Big Data’, along with sites like those shown on our ‘Local Travel‘ page, which make the internet worth having.