Meeting with the new Havant Tree Wardens – Monday 15th

Rob Foord, the new Tree Warden for Havant, and Malinda Griffin, The Havant Tree Wardens’ coordinator,  will outline their proposal for a ‘tree walk’ for Havant at a meeting in the Wheelright’s Arms on Monday evening, 15th October.D7C_7099

The Tree Warden scheme was set up by The Tree Council, the UK’s lead charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment.  It was founded as the national tree planting campaign that would follow up the success of the campaign to “Plant A Tree In ’73”, encouraging action for trees and running National Tree Week.

With 34 Tree Wardens, the Havant Borough Tree Warden network has wardens in most areas, including Hayling Island, Emsworth, Waterlooville, Leighpark and Bedhampton. The HBTW network was re-established in 2006 and TWs are involved in the following activities: tree trails and publishing tree trail booklets, putting on tree exhibition, giving guided tree walks, giving talks about HBTW network, tree planting, seed collecting and planting projects with local (primary) schools, warning Tree Officer of threats to trees, supporting the establishment of Tree Preservation Orders.

Havant has been without a Tree Warden for a long while so this is a good opportunity for those of us who value the trees around us to get involved in the planning and development of this walk.   If you’re interested in joining us, the meeting will be held in the back room of the Wheelright’s from 6:30pm.