Regeneration update – Now this is never a good look!

If you go and look at the Havant Regeneration Programme marketing website at the moment, this is what you’ll see. A rather unprofessional window into the state of governance over the programme and certainly not the impression that HBC should be presenting to the external investors that they desperately need to attract.

But maybe there’s a bonfire behind that whiff of smoke.

On Wednesday afternoon, Feb 10th, The Cabinet of Havant Borough Council will be voting to approve the closing down of the Civic Plaza Development Project, the only part of the Regeneration Programme that actually existed as anything more than a whimsical visionary statement. The two potential development partners who’ve been waiting on tenterhooks to see whether they’ve been awarded the contract will be told that the project has been cancelled.

Regeneration Civic Plaza is dead, long live Regeneration Civic Plaza Plus. More on this later…