There’s nothing like a looming election for getting some long overdue action taken!

We should all be grateful to Phil Munday for keeping the pressure up on both Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council on this one. Many have complained about this for many months but at long last, we now have a bright, shiny repainted zebra crossing in Havant. (It’s still in the same lethal position, but at least the bright new zigzag lines on North Street should help to warn southbound drivers)

Rumour has it we should probably thank Jackie Branson as well for picking up the lead set by Phil and getting the painting team deployed.

It just goes to show that if you want to get anything done in this town, you’ve got to shout til you’re Blue in the face. Or is it Red? Or maybe Yellow?

In case you didn’t know it, there’s an election coming up! We’re staying completely apolitical but we’ll be inviting the St Faith’s Council candidates to join us for an online hustings nearer the May date.