Regeneration – At Last!


Steady on!

We’ve been joking about the tumbleweed and the infamous ‘Six Billboards inside Havant, Hampshire’ for so many years now that it doesn’t seem possible that in this past twelve months of lockdown something has actually changed.

The hoardings are down, the billboards have gone, and this has at last risen from the ruins.

It’s not going to win any architectural prizes but it’s clean, functional and above all fills that awful gap.

It’s going to take some fairly inspired marketing to fill those shop units, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Holloway Iliffe & Mitchell have a game plan in place. They do have rather a large slice of Havant on their books at the moment. Click the image below to see what we mean.

Maybe Havant Borough Council should get together with Parker Brothers/Hasbro and market a Havant edition of Monopoly. It could be a best seller for next Christmas and could even raise a few bob to help pay for Regeneration.

If you’re interested in buying the 125 year lease on one of the apartments, just click the image below. As well as a Juliette balcony overlooking McDonalds, you get the exclusive use of alowcated parking. Or is that allowcated parking? Not forgetting the ‘garden balconey’, or should that read ‘baloney’?

Either way, it’s certainly exclusive.

Having a quick look through the images, we were particularly take by the ‘eye level oven’. The rather disorienting diagonal run of the laminate flooring seems to be a new fashion – they’ve done it at Station View also.

Seriously Beal’s, a little more attention to spelling and proofreading wouldn’t go amiss, would it?!