Bargate making a grab for a quick buck again at Bedhampton

Regular readers will be aware of the struggle our friends in Bedhampton have had over Lower Road, well it’s just taken the inevitable turn. There are those in our part-time Council who will doubtless be rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of another dent in the housing numbers! Another 43 houses squeezed in at Lower Road? Just like the other 40 slid in over the road at Forty Acres? Oh yes, they’ll be saying.

But do they actually live here?

Just when we’re calling out Havant Borough Council for wasting a quarter of a million pounds of our well earned money on cheap out of town consultancy, Bargate Homes are back with more and we’ll be watching for the inevitable ‘outline’ planning application to land. To cut to the chase, if you want to make your voice heard, just click on any image on this page, scroll to the bottom, and fill in the simple form. You have until September 17th.

Berkshire based Woolfbond Planning have been engaged by Bargate Homes to do the dirty work and butter up the good folk of Bedhampton for their next reaming. This page contains a few of the images from the Woolfbond publicity site. To view that directly, just click on any of the images on this page. The text on this page is taken from the marketing material and yes, we’ve heard it all before.

A few selected quotes:

“Areas of species-rich wildflower-meadow will provide additional opportunities for wildlife, for informal recreation, and create a pleasant setting for the development.” 

“The proposals seek to preserve and enhance the mature woodland boundaries of the site through retention of existing habitat along the edge of the field, complementing the new planting of native woody and wildflower grassland species. This will create a mosaic of habitats of value to wildlife that will result in a local biodiversity gain from the new habitat creation and management.”

“The site is within proximity to coastal wildlife sites at Langstone & Chichester Harbours. As a result of this significant offsetting payments will be made by the developer towards local mitigation strategies in the District. This is to ensure that the coastal wildlife is not adversely impacted through disturbance at the coast, and loss of potential supporting resting and feeding habitat on the site. The site will also demonstrate that it achieves a nutrient neutrality, to ensure that it doesn’t contribute towards increases in nutrients into the coastal wildlife sites.”

“The significance of Old Manor Farm as part of the conservation area, and the value of its setting, will be recognised in the design of the proposed development, which will provide extensive areas of open space, and appropriate buffers to ensure the historic character remains evident and differentiated from the more modern housing.”  

“The site is located within walking distance of a large number of local facilities and key destinations within 2km ‘reasonable walking’ distance including retail, education, health, employment and leisure destinations enabling future residents to access these facilities by non-car modes.”

“The site is well located to promote travel by a range of transport modes without relying on the car and in transport terms the Site is sustainable. A transport assessment is being prepared and will be submitted as part of the outline planning application.”

Have Your Say – You have until September 17th.

Click on the image below, then scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the form, fill it in and make your comments known. They won’t get back to you ‘until after the consultation is closed’ but you can still make your voice heard.

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