An Extraordinary Cabinet meeting with a lot of added boosterism

At this afternoon’s brief Extraordinary Council Meeting, Cllr. Satchwell likened the split with East Hants District Council (EHDC) to “a de-coupling, a divorce, or ‘other things'”, but suffice to say, in less than ten minutes, we witnessed an extraordinary degree of upbeat boosterism from the Leader as the Cabinet listened attentively, debated in ‘the usual manner’, then unanimously approved the recommendations in his paper on the ‘Withdrawal from Joint Management and Shared Staff Arrangements’.

You can read the Cabinet Paper by clicking the image below, then page down to watch the main agenda item (it’s only 11 minutes long). It’s good to hear the Leader’s Tigger-like enthusiasm, but readers and viewers may feel the need for something rather more concrete.

At section 3.7, the paper expands on four factors which the Leader believes contributed to the the conclusion that eleven years after the shared working arrangements were originally set up, Havant Borough Council should now set out on its own.

Click the image to read the Cabinet Paper

The bottom line?

It’s an upbeat message after a traumatic start to the Council’s year, but there’s an awful lot of work ahead and some of the horses being bet on look just a little knackered. Don’t take our word for it, have a read, have a listen, draw your own conclusions.

And if you’ve ever asked yourself why your Councillors get out of bed in the morning, then you’ll find out by listening to the meeting here: