Development Consultation forum – Land west of the crematorium, Bartons Road.

Forum 45 – Land West of the Crematorium, Bartons Road, Havant

Proposal – 81 new homes plus ancillary open space, including community orchard. The community orchard, open space and drainage details include land within East Hampshire District Council.

Tuesday 14 August 2018, Council Chamber, Public Service Plaza, Display from 5.30pm, Meeting 6.00-8.00pm

Case Officer: David Eaves

Whilst this is outside our specific area of interest, it’s another instance of proposed greenfield development and would impinge on the present peaceful setting of The Oaks crematorium.

Location plan

Briefing notes

Havant Flower Festival in the News

imageHavant Flower Festival is featured in tonight’s Portsmouth News with an article by Canon Tom Kennar – pictured here by courtesy of the News.

To read the full article, take this link to the News.

Havant Flower Festival – July 19th to July 22nd

St Faith’s Church is playing host the Flower Festival this weekend, showcasing the talents of many of our local gardeners and flower arrangers, including the dedicated bunch of ladies who work so hard to keep the Gazebo Garden looking so lovely.

Improvements to ‘Local Transport’ information

A minor change to the website this morning results in one less click being required to access live travel information from your device.  The options to find real-time updates from the local stations, bus stops and roads, are available directly from the menu under ‘News’.

  • Selecting any of the three local station options will display the arrival and departure times for platforms at that station.
  • Selecting ‘Bus info’ will display a list and a map of all local bus stops. Click a link for further detail including live expected arrival times.
  • GoogleTrafficSelecting ‘Live Google traffic’ will display a map of the local area which you can zoom into and scroll around. Where traffic is flowing smoothly, routes are marked as green. Slower traffic is marked by progressively darker orange and red sections, as shown in this example.

WDRA ‘The big lunch’ event

A very big ‘thank you’ to Jan Jenkins and the rest of the team at the Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association for the invitation to a terrific community event today at the Stride Centre in Denvilles.  The HCS stand attracted a lot of attention from a lot of friends, old and new.  We never cease to be amazed at how many people still don’t know about our lovely secret garden – the Gazebo Garden – in the Pallant.

Good to see the many local groups working together for the community.  An example to us all!