Minutes of Committee Meeting 15th September 2014

DRAFT Minutes of Committee Meeting 15th September 2014 NEXT MEETING Monday 27th October 2014

Present: Tim Dawes, Bill Woods, Christopher Evans, Annette Harley, Carole Nash

1 Apologies were received from Beryl Francis, Sara Smith, David Smith, Ray Cantwell

2 Preparation for AGM

It was agreed that there is no need for scrutiny and revision of our Constitution as this was done at the last AGM. The accounts have been audited and a bottle of wine for the auditor (Harry Crossley) was approved. The bank balance is £459.57 credit. AH has been posting the need for new committee members on Facebook and will send a press statement to PO9, Jeff Travis at The News and notify Angel Radio. We need a new secretary, vice-chair and publicity and communications officer.

Consideration was given to a strictly business AGM in a small URC room on 20th October or using the main hall on 21st with a speaker. The latter was decided, with David Willetts invited to speak; BW will phone his secretary, Jackie Scaddan. If he is not available TD will find an architect instead.

There will be no further public meetings this year – dates for 2015 were agreed as Tuesday 10th February and Tuesday 9th June. CN will book main URC hall and confirm AGM booking.

3 Market Parade

The Public Consultation is on Wednesday 17th September 3-7pm in URC. CN will collect any useful printed material for AH. Comments from members will be consolidated by CN to form a collective view.

4 Community Right to Bid for White Hart

BW explained that considerable factual evidence is required about the use of the building. Nicki Conyard (HBC) had provided helpful examples of successful bids. BW and CE had worked on the application – BW will email the form to TD who will provide the evidence.

Regulations prevent such applications be made for church buildings.

5 Upcoming Planning Applications

The applications for 10A The Pallant (now withdrawn) and further housing above Davies Chemist are not contentious. More housing in Bartons Road is included in the Allocations Plan. Town End House has been purchased by a software company LiveLink along with all of the disabled parking bays used by The Spring. CN will contact Sophie Fullerlove for clarification and comment.

6 Newsletter Communication updates

The next edition will be published 26-29th September. CN was unable to provide updates to our membership data, BW has not received any subs recently. AH will contact SS directly to ensure her data is up to date. DS will take over the MailChimp operation. The account is in AH’s name – she will set an account in the name HCS. AH will produce a flyer. The new secretary will be asked to keep AH informed (via minutes) so that Facebook can be updated.

It was acknowledged that WordPress is cumbersome; Moonfruit might be considered instead.

7 Society’s accounts and membership updates

Covered in 2 and 6 above

8 A.O.B.

CN doubted the value of continuing to renew the Freezone HavantCivicSociety.org.uk domain name. Apparently this is essential, but will be funded by HCS in future.

TD urged participation in the LitFest and provided programmes for onward distribution.

CN has not pursued with HBC’s conservation officer reports of unauthorised work at the White Hart, but will do so with specific examples provided by CE and TD. The music venue has now become The Wheelwright’s Arms.

Date of next meeting

Monday 27th October 2014 was agreed.

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