Minutes of a Special Committee Meeting Thursday 14th August at short notice

Present: Tim Dawes, David Smith, Bill Woods, Christopher Evans, Carole Nash

This meeting was requested by Tim Dawes to formulate reaction to Grade 2 listing of White Hart.

1 White Hart listing as Community Asset

TD put the case for this – if and when the building comes onto the market a community organisation such as HCS may ask for a moratorium whilst attempts are made to raise funds to bring it into community ownership.

It is unclear whether the owner (who has not applied for a gaming licence) is aware of the implications of Listed Building status. No alterations can be made without specific LB consent.

CN will write to the appropriate HBC officers asking for the White Hart and St Faith’s Church Hall to be added to the Community Assets register, incorporating key points made by TD (viz. Both these premises have been used for a variety of community activities including the rehearsal and performance of dramatic productions, poetry, musical recitals and community meetings. The hall has also been used for community dances and sales of work and goods. Both are regarded as assets of value by the community.)

BW will phone an HBC planning officer to urge that any future planning consent is heard in public.

A meeting with the current owner is better held in abeyance.

2 Gazebo Garden

This space has not been well maintained recently and is often locked for many days in succession. We should approach HBC about improving both maintenance and access. It appears that those currently dealing with this (possibly Portsmouth and District Floral Arts Society) are no longer able to do so adequately. The formal meeting having concluded, the group went to the garden where it was clear that some work had been done recently, though considerably more is needed. It is not appropriate work for basic gardening enthusiasts as the planting has to be in keeping with the original scheme.

A vote was taken on each proposed action – all were unanimously agreed.

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