Open Meeting – 8th July 2014

Apologies had been received from 3 of the committee and 5 other members

1 The chairman introduced John Worley who explained the concept of Men’s Sheds. These are permanent venues where retired men meet and chat, but also share expertise and seldom used equipment. He also recommended “Streetlife” website – a social network for local communities.

2 Guest Speaker Sophie Fullerlove – The Spring’s Role in Havant’s Civic and Artistic Life

Sophie has been in post as Director of The Spring for 18 months. She has worked towards integrating Arts and Heritage, creating something more outward looking than an updated Havant Museum.

The Spring believes that participating in live arts and connecting with local heritage can help to improve everyone’s quality of life. Activities include:

  • Live events and film screenings
  • Participatory events and opportunities
  • Heritage collection care, recording and exhibitions
  • Cultural advice and support services

The Spring’s galleries exist and activities take place to record and celebrate the history of Havant Borough, the people who live here and their stories. Last year saw 2% increase in visitors, 70% increase in those engaging with the local heritage collection and The Guide Award for Best Exhibition (Hayling Billy 50).

Forthcoming activites include:

  • Heritage Talks and Tours
  • Collecting material for Hayling Billy Oral History,
  • Open Days and Museums at Night
  • Waterlooville 200 (200 years since Battle of Waterloo)
  • Heritage inspired performances and films
  • Book Amnesty (over 250 are missing from The Spring’s collection)
  • First World War Commemorations – WW1 commemorations Textile Book of Remembrance, Open Day, War Memorial Photo Flashmob,Heritage Talks,Exhibitions,Theatre Performances

The speaker mentioned collaboration with HCS, work with Park School and Forest Forge (touring theatre company based in New Forest).

3 The Big Dig is not over – it continues through September. Packs explaining how to conduct a dig are available at The Spring.

4 Market Parade proposal update

Bill Woods displayed the outline proposal as presented by developer Shaun Adams at the Development Consultation Forum (3rd July 2014). Bill based his representation to the DCF on HBC’s Town Centre Urban Design Framework (2006) and comments submitted by HCS members. Bill hopes to talk directly to the architect moving the design towards a high status development which will be admired by residents and visitors.

Points from the floor included:

Councillors are generally supportive of our wish for a high quality development

Suggestion that we replace “high quality” with “elegant” to avoid a technically high quality, but widely disliked development

Question about who the intended market is (it has migrated down market since first presented)

Disagreement about the required percentage (if any) of affordable homes

Suggestion that it would be useful to have a meeting addressed by an architect talking about good modern design

Developer has included land he does not own

The council should be urged to use compulsory purchase orders

5 East Street

The chairman displayed plans for numbers 7 and 9 which have been withdrawn, followed by revised plans which are awaiting a decision. Discussion included the relative merits of authentic modern building style which is generally regarded as out of place versus that which imitates the style of earlier times.

6 Davies Chemist

Modernisation is now complete at considerable expense to the owner. HCS had urged retention of the historic structures and fittings where possible. The external appearance is unchanged whilst the interior complies with modern pharmacy standards.

7 Logo

The design was displayed and comments sought. Some felt that there were too many fonts – no more than two should be used. The most appealing font (American Typewriter) is not included in most applications. The strap line was popular.There was insufficient time to show full range of material provided by the artist.

8 Other Business

We are awaiting information from Cllr Jackie Branson about who owns or is responsible for repairs to the mill wheel at SE corner of Tesco’s site. Havant Literary Festival will run from 3rd to 12th October 2014; details are included in The Spring’s brochure.

Our Mission Statement

Havant Civic Society aims to conserve and cherish the important features of Havant’s distinctive heritage.  We seek to encourage quality design in new developments which will enhance the town.  We wish it to be a thriving borough centre with a sound cultural and economic base – a town that residents are proud of and that people want to visit.

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