AGM – 21 October 2014

Apologies had been received from 5 members, 28 members were present

Minutes of the last AGM are on our website

1 Chairman’s Welcome from Bill Woods: This has been an interesting year with many significant planning applications. HBC’s Urban Design Framework set out in 2006 is due for review this year.

2 & 3 Presentation by Tod Wakefield and Nicola Crowson, architects and academics at the Portsmouth School of Architecture “The value of Modern Architecture, and how ignoring it might be doing a disservice to the town.”

Topics included the history of modern architecture with particular mention of Le Corbusier Louis Khan and Utzon. Portsmouth School of Architecture‘s approach to teaching and learning involves a wide range of materials and worldwide locations. Slides showed use of natural light as a major element in the ambience of buildings.

The UK‘s wariness of modern, unfamiliar architecture has resulted in most new building being a pastiche of old styles varying little from one location to another. Questions from the floor revealed that the balance between engineering, urban planning and sculptural emphasis varies between universities.

The speakers’ key points were:

We consider that the resistance to modernism represents a profound loss of nerve in the UK. We must embrace the unexpected, the vibrant, the complex and the new……


How to look at architecture? Take a deep breadth! Wait before deciding to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ what you see. Is it an honest expression of a wonderful set of spaces accommodating peoples’ needs?

The speakers were thanked for their informative and interesting presentation.

4 Information Exchange

  • Market Parade – no planning application has yet been submitted. As the developer paid for the consultation the feedback forms went to him.

  • The railway footbridge, after 10 years wait, is now second of HBC’s priorities

  • The Town Mill Wheel (east of Tesco) is undergoing repair.

  • Plans for 7 and 9 East Street have been withdrawn – the significance of this is unclear

  • Havant does have a local list of important buildings

  • The Gazebo Garden is an need of reappraisal for refurbishment and long term maintenance. This could be a long term project for which a Heritage lottery grant application would be appropriate.

  • Harry Crossley was thanked for auditing the Society’s accounts which were found to be in very good order. The Society has a balance of about £400

4 Election of new committee members

Many of the original committee have stepped down for family and work reasons. There were no volunteers for positions of chairman, secretary or publicity/communications officer. The remaining committee (Bill Woods, Ray Cantwell, Tim Dawes, Christopher Evans) will be joined by Bob Comlay who will discuss further replenishment and specific roles.

5 AOB There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9pm

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