Prince George Street – North Street Arcade

If you cast your mind back to June 2018, you may recall our post about the planning application for the near derelict North Street Arcade. The ill-fated Grastar Restaurant came and went, but activity on that corner of the town has quietly continued in the background. Dominos moved on and the familiar Havant tumbleweed, fast food wrappers and other seedy litter moved in.

Redevelopment at the rear of North Street Arcade, see planning documents here.

Rolling forward from the original submission date twenty months ago, with various ammendments and a section 106 agreement in place, we now understand that as of last week, permission has finally been granted to the developer albeit with a Grampian condition attached.

For the detailed list of documents applying to this application, please follow the link under the image above. If you just want to take a look at the proposed new elevations, download a PDF file here. For more on Grampian conditions, check out our recent post on Nutrient Neutrality.

With a bit of luck and a fair wind, we may see progress on this site at last.