Havant Borough Council’s new ‘Stakeholder Engagement Framework’

On September 8 2021, the HBC Cabinet approved draft Stakeholder Engagement Framework documents with the Hayling Island Seafront Regeneration Update and the Havant Regeneration Programme update. You can open both of these two page documents by clicking the links. While they differ slightly at a detail level, they share the same key attributes, quoted below: … Continue reading Havant Borough Council’s new ‘Stakeholder Engagement Framework’

September Digest – A ‘perfect storm’ warning?

[Originally written as an email update to members] If you've been keeping an eye on the website, you'll be aware of the staggering amount of change happening around us.  If you haven't, then please take the time to follow the links in this email to read more detail.  While the primary focus of the Civic … Continue reading September Digest – A ‘perfect storm’ warning?

Online public meetings

Over the past few months, many of us have become accustomed to holding meetings online using the various technologies available and it seems a common view that these meetings have been surprisingly productive. If nothing else, this morning's HCS Committee Zoom meeting served to reinforce our lack of diversity! (Expect to hear more of this … Continue reading Online public meetings

Warblington Farm – HBC flying under the radar

The Covid-19 situation seems to have given Havant Borough Council more excuse than usual to fly under the radar, with meetings held away from the public gaze and a distinct lack of scrutiny. On the back of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust's 'initiative' on nitrate mitigation, it was obvious that Havant Borough … Continue reading Warblington Farm – HBC flying under the radar

HBC – ‘Shaping our Future’ initiative

"Havant Borough Council (HBC) needs to make financial savings of £12.1M over five years while realigning its resources to the current priorities as set out in the Council's strategies. The direct costs and loss of income resulting from coronavirus, the resulting economic downturn and Brexit have added significant uncertainty to the challenge. The degree of … Continue reading HBC – ‘Shaping our Future’ initiative

Havant’s Repair Café -‘Dr. Bike’ Sessions in September

Havant's Repair Café team members are hosting 'Dr Bike' sessions in Havant Park during September. These sessions provide a golden opportunity to get your bike out of the shed, dust it off, and re-awaken your enjoyment of a healthy form of exercise and transport. Safety is the key here and these sessions, supported by Havant … Continue reading Havant’s Repair Café -‘Dr. Bike’ Sessions in September

Dominos – 39 West Street planning application re-submitted

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised by last week’s re-submission of the 39 West Street ‘Dominos Pizza’ takeaway planning application by Geo. & R. Carrell Properties Ltd. The cynical timing of this application follows an approach often used with contentious applications, sneaking them in during the holiday period when the public are normally distracted. Once … Continue reading Dominos – 39 West Street planning application re-submitted

‘Opportunity Havant’ – A case of ships and rodents perhaps?

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at this recent press release from HBC... "Sandy Hopkins, who is currently Chief Executive at East Hampshire District Council and Havant Borough Council, is taking on a new challenge at Southampton City Council as its Chief Executive." "James Hassett, Executive Director of Operations and Place Shaping at East Hampshire and … Continue reading ‘Opportunity Havant’ – A case of ships and rodents perhaps?

Havant Borough Environment Group Questionnaire

This questionnaire is the joint venture of numerous cross-Borough volunteer, conservation and residents groups.  The intention is to highlight resident’s priorities for their surroundings. Few people can be unaffected by ever increasing alarms about the state of our environment; polluted air and water, Climate Change impacts, threats from extreme weather events, lack of green space … Continue reading Havant Borough Environment Group Questionnaire