Dominos – 39 West Street planning application re-submitted

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised by last week’s re-submission of the 39 West Street ‘Dominos Pizza’ takeaway planning application by Geo. & R. Carrell Properties Ltd. The cynical timing of this application follows an approach often used with contentious applications, sneaking them in during the holiday period when the public are normally distracted.

Once again, this application has been recorded by HBC as  ‘suitable for delegated decision’ by a planning department who are themselves already distracted by a notable lack of management.  Fortunately, the St Faith’s Ward Councillors have responded quickly to our request for support and the application has been ‘red-carded’ to ensure that it will be debated in public by the Development Management Committee in the new year.


Little, if anything, has changed with the re-application, other than the submission of a 39 page ‘Technical Traffic Note’ which in our view presents little of substance.  Stripping away the largely irrelevant content including three pages in Welsh, we find a ‘detailed’ survey of West Street car parking during a three and a half hour period on a single Friday evening in November.  This primarily relates to the spaces occupied by 6 vehicles in the yellow box in the image above. We are already monitoring use of the car parking over a more representative timescale.

Apart from the obvious issues of parking, both for delivery drivers at the rear of the site and for customer collections, we have a serious concern about the impact on traffic in Park Road South.  The delivery drivers will be turning into and out of the site using the entrance between Rothman’s Accountants and Ian’s hairdresser, marked by the double yellow arrow in the image.  Those of us who use Park Road South regularly will be aware of the impact of traffic turning into and out of Burger King and Bulbeck Road and if this application is approved, then the Dominos delivery traffic will significantly add to that traffic chaos.

The six ward Councillors on the Development Management Committee on October 18th  rejected the original application unanimously and given that there is no material change to this re-application we should expect the same result.

However: Do not assume that because you may have objected to the previous application, you need do nothing.  Previous comments will not be considered and new objections must be raised.  If you agree with us that this re-submitted application should be refused, please take the time to submit an objection by taking this linkComments must be received by Wednesday 2nd January.

If you’re at a loss for words, feel free to take a look at our own response by taking this link.

To view a summary of all previous articles on this website relating to the applications submitted by Carrells for 39 West Street, please take this link.

‘Opportunity Havant’ – A case of ships and rodents perhaps?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at this recent press release from HBC…

“Sandy Hopkins, who is currently Chief Executive at East Hampshire District Council and Havant Borough Council, is taking on a new challenge at Southampton City Council as its Chief Executive.”

“James Hassett, Executive Director of Operations and Place Shaping at East Hampshire and Havant Borough councils, is also taking up a new role in Somerset – so he can be closer to his family.  While working at East Hants and Havant he has led the development of Havant’s new regeneration strategy.”

He said: “Working for East Hants and Havant has been a great experience and has given me the skills and knowledge to take the next step up in my career.  I am really excited that I’ll be back with my family and shortening my commute to work.”


Should we be worried?

Is it possible that we now have a Regeneration Strategy with neither leaders nor stakeholders?  Watch this space!


Havant Borough Environment Group Questionnaire

D7C_7816This questionnaire is the joint venture of numerous cross-Borough volunteer, conservation and residents groups.  The intention is to highlight resident’s priorities for their surroundings.

Few people can be unaffected by ever increasing alarms about the state of our environment; polluted air and water, Climate Change impacts, threats from extreme weather events, lack of green space and recreation space for a rising population and the rapid rise in endangered species make frequent headlines.

Here in Havant Borough, we need to focus on the particular local environment issues that need attention in the new Local Plan 2036

All of your views will be collected and a report will be compiled then sent over to Havant Borough Council.

Please take the time to complete this survey which can be found by clicking on this link.  The survey will open in a new browser window.

Website changes

With an increasing level of enthusiasm for the Society following the public meeting of April 26th, we’ve been looking at sharpening up our communications.

First in line is the website, the old version of which had served well for a few years but has recently been showing its age.  For this refresh, we’ve stuck with the basic free service but have redesigned the site from the top down. (Maybe that should read ‘from the bottom up’ since we’ve imported all the content from the previous site in order that nothing has been lost.)

Here are a few things to look out for:

Page format 

Most pages now include a ‘sidebar’, which appears either on the right hand side of the page, or down below the main page content if you’re looking on a device with a small screen, your phone or a tablet.   Within the sidebar, you’ll find secondary menus, links to recent updates, a free text search box and a drop down box which enables you to select items from the archives.

Page footer

If you scroll down to the foot of each page, you’ll find, along with our ‘Mission Statement’, two further options for searching the site. The ‘Cloud menu’ and the selection of ‘Tags’ give you two alternative ways of searching the site. Try them out and see whether you find them useful.


Text links which are clickable are marked in a different colour italic font, underlined to highlight the link.  Click on any of these and the referenced content should open in another browser tab, or in the case of the example in the first sentence of this post,  your email program should be opened with the correct address  and subject pre-set.


The main menu runs along the top of the site pages, with downward arrows indicating where second level menu items exist.  On secondary level pages, a sub-menu appears at the top of the sidebar where present.

Take the main menu options at the top of the page to find topics of interest, from news on local planning matters to information about arts and leisure activities around the town. Resources available also include copies of HCS newsletters and links to local services and peer organisations.

Earlier site content

Content from the earlier version of the website can be found by using the free text ‘Search’ box or by taking the ‘Archived posts’ drop down menu.

While the structure of the site is still under review, we think it represents a step forward from the previous web presence. We know it’s not perfect though so would welcome your ideas on how it could be improved.  Whatever your feelings, feel free to let us know either way.