Report on Open Meeting 23rd September 2013 at 7pm in Bosmere School Hall

Report on Open Meeting 23rd September 2013 at 7pm in Bosmere School Hall

1 Approximately 70 people were present and welcomed by the chairman. He apologised for poor consultation procedures; a potential remedy on reverse of agenda will be discussed under item 5

2 Sophie Fullerlove Director the Spring Arts and Heritage Centre said that Havant’s is the only centre of its kind in Hampshire. She aims to take the centre out into the community and earn the pride of Havant’s people. Paul Atterbury will be at The Spring on 10 October, 2013 talking on “A life with Trains”. Society members were invited to participate the Battle Lines Theatre Company project. Three 45-minutes dramas will be created for which real stories are required. This could be a special event for the civic society or participation a public workshop.

3 Dr Hannah Fluck Senior Archaeologist Hampshire County Council talked about “Roman Havant” and recent archaeological finds. This enjoyable and informative talk included text, maps and photographs. Some points to emerge from the presentation and questions from the floor were:

 The Historic Environment Record, the database which is used to inform anyone wishing to excavate for any land management reason, is open to the public. Members of the public are also encouraged to report finds of potential interest telephone 01962 832338
 Pottery finds in Rowland’s Castle and the temple on Hayling Island are well known, but there is little evidence of Havant having been a Roman town. Something of interest is possibly under St Faith’s church.
 Homewell House well is particularly interesting for both for its structure of stone from IoW and its content including a ring, dogs, a brooch, coins and an infant. These are all still being analysed; there are many possible reasons for their presence in this well. Post holes indicate that nearby building was not particularly substantial.
 Other finds in this area (including Horndean, Warblington and Denvilles) are indicative of isolated substantial dwellings, perhaps deriving income from trade e.g. olive oil.
 There is considerable evidence of Havant’s trade links with continental Europe before the Roman invasion.
 A synchronised exploratory “big dig” by the residents of Grove Road planned for 2014 would be interesting and may inform opinion about the exact line of the original east-west road.
 Somtimes exploratory trenches on a new site (typically covering 5%) show clearly that there has been no previous occupation whatsoever.
 Other wells in the proximity of St. Faith’s are medieval.

4 Shaun Adams Hampshire and Regional Development Ltd discussed plans for redeveloping Market Parade. This included material selected from HBC’s local plan which had been used for guidance, a map of Market Parade and an architect’s drawing of the proposed building. This plan differed in almost every respect (design, materials, target market, retail, food and beverage provision) from the plan previously discussed with the committee – the only common aspect is the location. Understandably, the chairman and committee members were disquieted by these unannounced changes. Comments from the floor included:
 The brutal appearance
 Canyon effect when the west side is developed
 Parking provision and traffic implications
 The number of eating places already in existence (>25)
 Would the project include replacement of the railway footbridge? Developer said it would.

5 Closing comments:
The suggestion that in future the newsletter could be confined to members only was discussed. Some thought that this would limit the chances of increasing our membership.
Suggested occasional, perhaps bimonthly, members meetings in a local hostelry on a Sunday or Monday evening to discuss issues with the committee – members did not support this idea.
Participation in the Battlelines project – it was widely agreed that joining a public event is preferable.
The Consultation form (on reverse of agenda) was acknowledged as a good move in the right direction.
The Civic Society is a very young organisation and needs time to refine its procedures.
HCS should request an update from HBC into progress on the public consultation launched in March.
Following an announcement in the local press that a national planning agent will be appointed to look at the East Street area, HCS should request details of how this contract will be advertised, whether it will be put out to tender, what the parameters of the consultation will be and how members of the public and affected parties can make submissions.
Possibility of using Facebook for communication (perhaps a closed group with posts visible to members only)
The Chair urged members to comment upon the Local Allocation Plan before the closing date of 22 November 2013

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