Minutes of Committee Meeting 21st October 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting 21st October 2013
Present: Bill Woods, Beryl Francis, Annette Harley, David Smith, Michael Blanch, Jim Davis, Carole Nash
Apologies were received from Tim Dawes
1 Planning Reports
BF said that there are currently no applications of local interest. The major matter is publication of the Local Plan (Allocations) documents; BF and CN had attended the HBC Cabinet meeting. There is now a public consultation period until 22nd November.  CN will distribute a link to the document on HBC’s website with a PDF from DS comprising the key material.  Members should be encouraged to comment individually and to contribute their views by email to CN by 8th November. A response from the Society will be developed by discussion at the AGM; this will be submitted before 22nd November.
Discussion centred on allocation for housing and mixed use within the town centre, particularly Market Parade, East Street and Town End House. Inclusion of affordable housing was noted, as was provision for community facilities. The map appears to indicate that the allocation for Market Parade includes the entire site (not just phase 1). JD commented that we should strive to preserve the best of the old and ensure that new development is very good.
BW had followed up concern from a resident about deviation from a planning application; this complaint proved to be unjustified.
3 Actions from Public Meeting at Bosmere School 
(a) AH provided a comprehensive range of thoroughly researched discussion material which will enable us to develop an effective communication strategy. The purpose is to keep members informed of all relevant issues linked to Havant, the Committee/Society, Planning Proposals and meetings in order to fulfil our remit and encourage continued/new membership.  Much discussion ensued covering a Welcome Pack for new members, an annual Renewal Pack and communication/contact with members. Distinction was made between the newsletter which will be distributed electronically (except 15 hand delivered paper copies) to members and flyers which will be full colour 6DL distributed throughout the town annually in the approach to the AGM. The latter will include static content (no dates) and must include information about how to pay membership fees. Richard Brown is able to arrange printing of about 2000 copies. AH was admired and thanked for her work in this area.
(b) Email consultation with members is intended for specific planning proposals, not the entire Allocations Plan.
4 Links to PO9 and other publications
This was deferred because of time pressure.
5 AGM Planning 
Publication of members’ benefits was covered in 3(a) and the strap-line accepted. Committee protocols were discussed, CN being particularly concerned about the burden of extra work created by erratic attendance. BW will draft a protocol. DS said the 1-year term for committee members had been agreed at the last meeting and should not be repeatedly re-visited. CN will produce a list of current committee members and responsibilities in time for the AGM. DS explained that concepts for a logo will be presented at the AGM and a final design produced depending on members’ comments. The possibility of setting up a closed Facebook group for was members was deferred. It was agreed that a skeleton structure of public meetings covering 2014 would be beneficial – Monday 10th March, Monday 7th July and AGM Monday 20th October were agreed. Other informal events (such as surgeries) could be arranged from time to time.  The due date for membership fees was debated – we wish to avoid asking for more money in January from those who paid for a year’s membership in October. The best (temporary?) fix appears to be paying by thirds. CN and AH will scrutinise our data and clean it up. Annual group membership for Langstone Village and Lanstone Residents associations might be set at £20 but no firm decision made. DS will draft a questionnaire for use at the AGM and will analyse the results.
11 Date of next meeting
This will be Monday 9th December, 7pm at 5 Grove Road
The meeting closed at 9:20pm

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