Comment form for the Local Plan 2036

Following publication of the ‘Pre-submission’ version of the ‘Havant Borough Council Local Plan 2036’, we encourage you all to look through this document by taking this link. Don’t be downhearted by the document size, head for page 5 and look through the index which is fully ‘clickable’. Take a look through the areas which interest you and make your own notes.

According to the document, “To respond to the consultation, you must use the Pre-Submission ConsultationForm which is available at This should then be emailed to”

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find such a form at that location on the HBC website but will let you know when we do.

In the meantime, if you would like to share your comments with us, please do so by using the form below. Please quote Heading and Paragraph reference – e.g. ‘H2’ and ‘6.15’ in the image below, when using this form to send us a comment on this document.

Please don’t forget to press the submit button above!