2020 Covid Home Page

During the current Covid-19 ‘Coronavirus’ outbreak, we’re using the HCS Homepage as a quick reference for the main sources of help. Please scroll down through the page to take a look. Clicking on any of the images will open the relevant site in a new browser tab. To contribute ideas for things we could add to the site while we’re all locked down, please email the webmaster.

For emergency contact detail, please click here.

A surprisingly useful collection of links and information sources. If you ever wonder what that healthy slice of your Council Tax is used, this could be an answer!

Here at HCS we’ve resurrected the ‘Message in a Bottle’ scheme which can be a significant time saver for the emergency services should they need to gain access to your property to assist you in an emergency. Please click the image to find out more.

During the current emergency, Havant Borough Council are publishing updates regarding all HBC services on a single page. For access to this page, giving up-to-date status of all services, please click the image to view.

If you’re concerned about email, social media or telephone scams, this is the site to turn to. The Government funded NCSC understands cyber security and offers practical guidance in response to cyber security incidents in order to reduce the harm they cause to organisations and the wider UK. Please click the image to view.

Community First is a registered Charity aiming to make a difference in our local communities. Linking together many of the local support groups, Community First is a good place to look if you either want to help others or simply need support yourself. Please click the image to view.

The national Neighbourhood Watch Network is currently undergoing a comprehensive review to reassess its direction in the twenty first century. The new national website already contains a significant amount of useful information. Please click the image to view.