‘Message in a Bottle’ – Help for the vulnerable

A few years ago, these green labels were a common sight in local residential properties occupied by older and more vulnerable folk. The idea was simple. A sticker similar to that above was placed within clear sight of the front door, guiding emergency services entering the property to the refrigerator in the kitchen of the property. Inside the door of the fridge they would find a bottle containing a paper giving all the relevant emergency contact details for the resident.

The scheme is well understood by Police, Ambulance and Fire Service staff, and in the past has proved a life saver giving speedy access to important emergency information in the event that a resident is unable to provide the information through incapacity.

Given the current emergency and the significant pressure on the emergency services, HCS have recreated the ‘Message in a bottle’ scheme with a simplified, but nonetheless effective form downloadable by clicking the image on the right.

This is a simple form in two parts. When printed, the top part should be completed by the resident and placed in a glass jar or tumbler inside the door of their refrigerator. The bottom part of the form should be placed in a prominent position within sight of the front door of their house.

If you are living on your own and worried about how the emergency services would know those small but important things should they have to come and assist you, you might decide to print a copy down, fill it in and find an empty jam jar.

More importantly, you might consider printing a few down and dropping them through the doors of your more vulnerable neighbours.

It’s an old idea but it could just be a life saver.