No face mask? Why not make one if you need one.

This comes with a message of caution since at the time of writing, the chief medical officer is advising the UK public not to wear facemasks unless they are currently infected with covid-19.

Skilled with a needle or wondering when you last used that sewing machine? Pondering what you could do with all those unused cotton tea towels you were given as gifts? Look no further! Make yourself a distinctive face mask following these instructions, which were published in the New York Times on March 31st.

If you download and print the instructions in that link, you should find it a straightforward task which might help pass some the time during your voluntary ‘house arrest’.

You’ll need the following:

  • Needle and thread (and a sewing machine, if you have one).
  • Scissors.
  • Pins or clips to hold fabrics in place (safety pins and paper clips will also work in a pinch).
  • At least 20 by 20 inches of 100 percent cotton fabric, such as a flat tea towel.
  • 4 strips of cotton fabric for ties, about 18” long and ¾” wide (or 4 flat, clean shoelaces or a few lengths of sewing elastic.
  • Magnifying glass for reading the instructions once you’ve printed them!