Another loss to Havant’s declining tree canopy

Stop Press! We’re delighted to see that this application has now been withdrawn, pending the definition of an appropriate replanting strategy.

After the loss of the Fairfield School horse chestnut trees, the next major loss will be the 130 ash trees which line Park Road South beside Bosmere School, all now condemned due to Ash Dieback disease. Detail from the current planning application for tree works is shown below the pictures.

Planning application – APP/21/00143 | Fell all Ash trees, approx. 130 trees, within highlighted area identified on attached plan. Within conservation area of St Faiths. 

Highlighted Area. Fell all Ash trees within highlighted area. Approx 130 trees.

Reasons for felling detailed below.

Re planting of suitable species will be undertaken to replace the felled trees.

“The majority of the Ash trees within this group are infected with Ash Dieback. It is anticipated that by summer 2021, a substantial number of these trees will be dead or in an advanced stage of infection, and within 18 months, most will be dead. With clear safety implications to the adjacent Park Road South to the west of the site and school playground to the east, felling these infected trees at the earliest opportunity is considered to be the most prudent course of action to safely manage the risk these trees present to the busy main road and school pupils.”

To comment on the planning application

Clicking on this link will take you to the ‘Comment’ form within the planning application. Comments must be received by March 12.

Please note that outright objections to this felling are unlikely to have any effect. The most constructive comments will be regarding the nature and scale of the replanting so please consider commenting along those lines. As it stands, there is no detail on the application regarding the replanting.


The sad remains of just one of those Fairfield School horse chestnuts, felled during February 2021.