Langstone Park – Pre-planning consultation available

As part of “their commitment to community engagement”, the project team has arranged a virtual public exhibition to provide you with an opportunity to view their draft masterplan for Langstone Park and provide your comments, prior to the submission of a planning application to Havant Borough Council.

What the new master plan appears to be offering Havant, having now demolished the bulk of Arup Associates FT award winning building, is a new shed park. If Basingstoke, ‘Doughnut City’, has become the butt of national jokes for its roundabouts, then Havant is now well on the way to gaining a similar reputation for its ‘parks of sheds’. Langstone Park is well on its way to joining Dunsbury Park, Spring Park, and Hermitage Park, with Solent Distribution Park , aka ‘Brockhampton West’, not that far behind.

Building construction standards may have gone up, with sustainability and energy efficiency the norm, but it’s sad to see that architectural standards have really sunk this low. What we’re offered is a ‘Sim City’ style vision of the Planning Application that will be coming our way early in the new year. Here’s an example:

Take this link to view the consultation and take the opportunity to have your say.

But while you’re looking at the detail, consider the usual paradoxical references to traffic.


The transport documentation that accompanies the planning application will need very careful analysis since, as is evident from the issues at 32 New Lane, you can’t rely on the Council officers or elected representatives to do it for you!