Havant Borough Council vs Southern Water?

As Havant Borough Council takes the gloves off, Solent Protection Society has been looking at what really should be done by the many regulatory bodies overseeing Southern Water, in order to demonstrate and monitor in real-time the scale of unauthorised effluent discharges from the 300+ CSOs across the wider Solent region.

Please take a few minutes to read this article by clicking on the image below.

As the article says, this is not just Havant Borough Council’s problem. There is no shortage of accurate and timely data, just a seeming lack of will to actually present it to the public. Relying on a Southern Water distillation of the facts already available in the UK.Gov databases is not enough, it’s time ‘the regulators’ took up that challenge.

Perhaps the Havant Borough Council representatives on the Southern Water Regional Forum would like to support the SPS initiative?