Those shrinking green gaps

This one may seem to be well out of our immediate area but it is nevertheless of interest as we look to the growth and prosperity of Havant Town Centre. While we are all aware of the aspirations of the Havant Borough Regeneration Strategy we may be less conscious of the fact that just up the road, East Hants District Council is snapping at our heels.

We’ve already noted that housing development along Barton’s Road west of the crematorium is a given and you could be fooled into thinking that’s a pleasant green space on the northern side of that proposed development.

Think again, that piece of land actually comes under the remit of East Hants District Council who will be more than happy to satisfy their own housing targets on land for which the infrastructure requirements, schools, surgeries and transport, will fall on HBC Council Tax bills. (OK, so East Hants DC and Havant BC are supposedly joined at the hip but we probably wouldn’t argue if you felt that particular joint is in need of more than a little surgery.)

So here’s another example, recently submitted for outline planning by Bloor Homes to the east of Horndean and to the west of Rowlands Castle. This image shows a current view of the top of Horndean Road where it meets the A3(M), with the Fullers Distribution Centre and Keydell Nursery at the top right. Any ideas how EHDC might drop 800 new houses into this picture?

Now you see it.
Now you don’t!

On the one hand, it should be good news for the prosperity of Havant Town Centre shops, restaurants (real ones please), pubs, libraries and leisure facilities, but the increased population is going to seriously stretch the infrastructure.

Just think about it for a while….